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Malaga, Spain

During summer average temperatures in this breezy coastal resort range from 23°C to 26°C, perfect for lazy days on the beach, enjoying leisurely lunches and picking your favourite yacht in the glitzy harbour. The sun's got his hat firmly on in Malaga and you should too: pick up a traditional sombrero or panama hat in the un-hipsterish and delightfully old fashioned milliners

Top attraction?

Step back into Malaga's North African past and explore Alcabaza, a Moorish castle built in the eleventh century, or the Castillo de Gibralfaro which sits on a large hill overlooking the city

Algarve, Portugal

Swim in the Atlantic Ocean off one of the 100 beaches in southern Portugal's Algarve region. The easiest (and cheapest) way to get there is to fly to Faro and you can kick off your Portuguese beach tour straight from the airport with a trip to Praia de Faro, just a short ride on the airport bus. The beach here is so big that you're guaranteed a spot to throw down your towel, even in the height of the summer holidays.

Top Attraction?

Though it may seem to be all about lazy beach holidays in the Algarve, look out for Ria Formosa, a beautiful coastal park made up of a lagoon, several islands and two peninsulas.

Nice, France

Fancy a few nights quaffing champagne, riding around in fast cars and eating some of the finest cuisine in the world? Well, it's certainly an option in the French Riviera, but on a budget, you might have to swap expensive fizz for supermarket prosecco, Lamborghinis for a local Lignes d'Azur bus and first class for cheap holiday flights and hotels.

Top Attraction?

France is famous for its wine, so it would be rude not to give it go while you're here - turn it in to an educational opportunity with a trip to the Château de Bellet vineyard and learn about the wine making process, before sampling some of the goods of course.

Antalya, Turkey

From the French to Turkish Riviera, with a holiday in the largest city on the Turkish Med coast, Antalya. Although slightly further afield than the Western Med (a five hour flight away) Turkey is on the short side of long-haul holidays abroad and makes a good value destination this summer, with direct flights running from Manchester, London and Glasgow.

Top Attraction?

Don't miss Antalya's answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Broken Minaret, standing in the midst of the ruined Korkut Mosque. Other impressive historical sites include the fluted minaret at Yivli Minare, and the Ottoman clock tower in Saat Kulesi.

Da Nang, Vietnam

This is one for the more adventurous lover of tropical temperatures and palm-fringed sandy strands. The opening of a number of luxury resort hotels have propelled Vietnam into the spotlight, while the low cost of food and travel once you get here makes it one of the top cheap holidays abroad. Da Nang is arguably the most popular coastal resort and it's the country's third largest city, although it's nowhere near as chaotic as the capital, Hanoi.

Top Attraction?

Hoi An is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its food (the street food here is some of the best in Vietnam) and its custom made suits (but watch out for scams).

Orlando, Florida

The big, brash delights of Disney and the rest of Orlando's theme parks attract an army of British families who take their summer holidays in Florida year after year. Drive 35 minutes southwest of downtown Orlando and see your kids' faces light up as you enter through the gates of Walt Disney World, which encompasses Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studio's and Animal Kingdom.

Top Attraction?

Away from the clamour of Disney World, try a glide around the Florida swamps on an airboat tour - it may be more peaceful but it's no less exciting, as you could get to see anything from a bald eagle to a Florida alligator.


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If you choose to wear a bracelet, it gives to the whole outfit a different interpretation. What are the major trends when it comes to bracelets? How to choose the right bracelet to wear with your outfit? How to combine bracelets together? Below you’ll find a list of 5 tips on how to accessorize with bracelets.

Mix and Match

Donning a couple bracelets of different colours, patterns, and sizes is a good way to add visual interest to an outfit. When it comes to picking out bracelets to stack, trust your own judgment, find bracelets that compliment but don’t match each other perfectly. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bracelet widths, colours, and patterns. However, try to stay in a common colour family and temperature for best results. Cooler tones like silver and pale pastels look best with like colours, while gold looks great with red and deep jewel tones.

Less is More

Remember, as with all other accessories, moderation is important. Too many bangles take away from each piece's unique design and charm. Put on the ones you like, and then take one or two off before you leave the house. If you like wearing a lot of other jewellery items, then consider keeping the bangles even more minimal to avoid overpowering the rest of your outfit.

If there is no statement piece to work around and all of your jewellery pieces are equal standouts, try to mix them by thickness and size. Layer your bracelets by varying types. Layer the bracelets and keep the smallest one in the middle.

The Size

Bangles come in many different widths. Some bangles are smaller than others and can become lost if layered with larger bracelets. Of course, some bangles are so large that they should only be worn on their own. Before putting on bangle bracelets, take a moment to size them up. To speed up your dressing process, consider grouping your bangles in sets according to width.

The Occasion

As with all fashion choices, careful consideration should be given to the setting and time of day when selecting bangle bracelets. A board meeting isn't an appropriate venue for a bunch of clanking aluminium bangles; similarly, a family barbecue isn't the right place for diamond-studded jewellery. Bangles are offered in a wide range of styles to suit practically any event, so select them carefully and group them accordingly.

If you’re ever wearing a cute little black dress and are overwhelmed with the possibilities of how to accessorize, a simple gold or silver bracelet is a classic and timeless way to do the trick. If you want to get interesting, this is the perfect occasion to do so. A black cheap dress accessorized with a gold chain bracelet and the same-hued hoop earrings is set to be a stunner.

Mixing Metals

When it comes to stacked bracelets, you don’t want to play it too safe. In fact, the most striking looks blend materials and colours to great effect. So, feel free to wear yellow and white gold together. Throw a thick leather cuff up against some chains – a bulky bracelet usually makes a great foundation for building on anyway.

Mix beaded bracelets with solid bangles. You can even mix precious jewellery with chunky costume jewellery or vintage Bakelite and enamelled pieces


A good rule of thumb to follow is that if the bracelet looks to big on your wrist, it isn’t going to be a good buy regardless of how stunning it looks. You don’t want to spend the time wearing it constantly wondering if it’s still there, and after it falls off (which it will) where you dropped it. Do yourself a favour, and find a beautiful bracelet that fits, and feels comfortable.


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