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Caring for seniors is not a walk in the park. Whether it’s your own family or you are in service to others, it helps to know that it is a 24/7 responsibility. You may need to ask for help from…

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When to consider IVF

For many people, IVF is a miracle procedure that allows people to have children. It is often the last resort of trying for a baby when no other treatment has worked. It has a reputation for solving the most unsolvable…

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What is reverse aging?

Everyone wants to be young and glowing, and we all know that to live long, healthy lives. To do so, most of us also know that we should be sleeping well, exercising regularly and try and avoid overindulgences. However, I…

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The debate still rages in 2020 – fake meat anyone?

It began with the alt-burgers. Meat eaters who constitute 70 per cent of those folks purchasing products from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, could not tell the “bleeding” patties they were biting were made out of plants. Even though it…

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