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Importance of first aid training for camping

There are many important supplies to think about when you go on a camping trip i.e food items and other necessary camping kits, especially if you are travelling far away from the city. One of the most important things you need to carry is the first aid kit. Without such a kit, you can become helpless if an accident or injury occurs.

However, you must know how to use these items for emergencies. There are many first aid items available but if you don’t know how to use them, they can do more damage than good. If you can get the right tools and knowledge, it will not be a problem to help with the first aid kit.

Therefore first aid training is recommended to broaden your knowledge of how to use these kits. The importance of first aid training is highlighted below.


The future is unpredictable, some may not have to use the first aid kit throughout their life while others test their skill on the first aid frequently. It is always best to be prepared that is why first aid training is important. You need to know how to use the first aid kit when going on a camping trip, however, it goes beyond that since the kit is not only meant to be used in camps.

There are first aid items you must be familiar with and must carry along to the camps, you must always be prepared to use them and must know how to use them. Examples are medical disinfectants, anti-septic wipes, saline water, eye drops, hand sanitizer, bandages, etc.

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First aid training and refresher courses will let you know how you can put these items into use when necessary.


We all have different skins and these skins react differently; allergic reactions can often occur during camping tries say your skin can react badly from mosquito bites which are very common in many countries. It can be annoying and can irritate your skin.

Antihistamines and hydrocortisone cream help relieve this bite. Also, camping trips in the jungle have all sorts of plants and trees, you may not know allergic to some certain plants until you find out over there. Antihistamines aids you when you react to plant contact.


Camping in the woods is way different from other regular activities, here, your hygiene matters because you are vulnerable to all sorts of germs basically from anything you touch there and these germs spread too easy. Hence you will need to be on regular sanitation. A first aid training lets you the various types of antibacterial and how to use them i.e. placement of hydrogen peroxide and bleach in a first aid kit facilitates the disinfection of dirty surfaces. You can also use peroxide to clean the wood.


Some unfortunate accidents happen during a series of activities in the camp A comprehensive training will make you know what to do in emergencies. Asthmatic persons may have trouble breathing because they ran too much or they fell on their chest. First aid training is important so that you will know how to handle such a situation. The training covers how to use the inhaler and apply pressure on the victim’s chest until they can slowly breathe. Another example is snake bites, snakes aren’t uncommon in the wood and we may likely encounter them. First aid training will let you know snake kits to use for emergencies, especially for poisonous snakes. There are also codes like CPR and DRSABCD taught, this code should be followed once the victim has fallen unconscious. Other emergencies in which the training covers include heat stroke, hypothermia, frostbite, a broken bone, etc.