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Ergonomic chair for Melbourne isolation

The coronavirus crisis has caused a blow globally. It has affected some people’s daily work and forced others to work from home. The chairs at home can’t be compared to the ones in the office while considering comfort.

A quality chair is important while creating a workspace at home. We shall be considering the best chairs available in Australia; you should be guarded on your choice by focusing on your budget because the price varies. But we all want quality, right?

So while trying to get an office share for your workspace, the major thing that should the considered is the ergonomic quality of the office chair.

The best chairs to work with are listed below.


Sihoo offers good value for money on their office chairs, the price range is average so you can worry less about your wallet. The chair is adjustable which makes it perfect for an ideal office chair for those who are looking for a good balance between price and features.

With the Sihoo M57 office chair, you can adjust the headrest, chair height, waist support, armrests, and adjust the back seat by tilting. This is an impressive choice for adjusting office chairs with this price range. However, it might not be suitable for tall people


This chair has been available for a long time and is a very popular choice for anyone looking for a quality office chair without spending too much money.

Unlike other ergonomic chairs, Markus chair has a limit to its adjustment and this is a major obstacle. However, this chair still provides comfort, you can sit comfortably with a long backrest and an integrated headrest.


Also, it has a breathable mesh back and you can adjust the height of the chair by tilting and you can lock the back in one place to prevent it from moving unnecessarily.

There may be few glitches, but it is a solid chair that works great for value.


This is a classy chair built with excellent quality and premium materials. The price of this office chair may be higher than the aforementioned office chairs, but it has all the qualities of a classy office chair and can solve the dilemma of home office chairs.

It is built with a leather armrest, aluminium alloy frame, a breathable mesh back. It is elegant, comfortable, and durable.

An adjustment can be made on the height, angle of the armrest, lumbar support. Also, you can easily control it using the tilt.

The other chair manufacturers mentioned may be considering people’s budget, but NeueChair has fit in the maximum quality at their chairs, but if you are not willing to spend that much on the NeueChair class, there are some cheaper options.


The price of Humanscale freedom is around the range of $1,000 which is quite enormous. This high-end budget chair is stylish and the best ergonomic chair you can get around in Melbourne.

Apart from the quality leather, it gets rid of the complicated knobs or levers that other ergonomic chairs may find difficulty dealing with. This means the chair can automatically adapt to your ideal body ergonomics. Thus, when you move the chair back, the backrest resistance is automatically adjusted to the optimum level.

The Humanscale Freedom is a quality chair that offers comfort and you don’t need to worry about stress while using it for your work. Of course, several things can be adjusted, including the armrests.