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What is reverse aging?

Everyone wants to be young and glowing, and we all know that to live long, healthy lives. To do so, most of us also know that we should be sleeping well, exercising regularly and try and avoid overindulgences. However, I think we’ve all wished that there was an overnight pill or dermal fillers that could turn us young within a day’s time – some magic or perhaps… a miracle?

For now, the concept of reverse aging is still in the hands of scientists. They are all experimenting with ways to reverse our biological and chronological clocks. Terms like “lengthening telomeres for age reversal”, “rejuvenation using stem cells” and “gene editing” are scientific areas of research working to succeed in the anti-aging sector. Some level of age-reversal has been proven possible in both mice and human cells, however, the introduction of this therapy on humans will take a few more years to have a breakthrough. While most of us use skincare such as fotona laser 

The question then becomes: how soon is it going to be possible to reverse aging in humans? Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in realistic terms. While this concept may seem amazing to some, it’s not as practical as it may sound. Gene editing is already a reality and there are several ongoing research projects in this area. Scientists are already confident that gene therapy can cure hereditary diseases and eliminate cancer in certain treatments. Thus, research to manipulate genes and telomere lengths would make age reversal process possible sooner or later. However, the side effects of these therapies and studying cures for their after-effects would take us longer to take these forward as acceptable therapies in humans.

 Here are just some basics tips we could all follow to slow down our aging process (until the procedures described above becomes a reality):

  1. Blocking the effects of Sun: The easiest way to age quickly is exposure to the sun without any UV-protection. So, Sunscreen is the most valuable anti-aging method to protect your skin. Using Sunscreen can prevent premature aging of your skin, protects you from harmful UVA (aging) rays and UVB (burning) rays, and protects your skin against cancer. Thus, it is essential to apply sunscreen daily, to minimize the effects of harmful radiation from the Sun.
  2. Sex is good to reverse aging:  A small study suggested that women who had regular sex with their partner during the week had longer telomeres and more of the enzyme telomerase than those women in the control group. It seems that the length of the Telomere is in no way related to the elements like relationship satisfaction or stress levels with women. Thus, the scientist has concluded that healthier women who are interested in more sex, are likely to have extended telomeres. Confusing results though?

  3. Sleeping your way out: In general, longer the sleep duration, longer are your telomeres, as per some of the studies have proven so far. Specifically, nine hours of sleep is associated with longer telomeres, while six hours of sleep or less than that is linked to shorter telomeres. These results might vary with age, body weight, and stress levels. Scientists and researchers have always recommended us to at least get 7-9 hours of sleep each night for healthy and young skin and mind. This is proven true as the organ inside our body nourishes and repairs itself while we sleep so it is important we also let our biological clock rejuvenate.

  4. Diet and fasting: The recent year, dieting has made its way up the scale when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Among the several dieting types we have, the Mediterranean diet has been linked in some research to better brain health. Eating a healthy diet is a key component of healthy aging. Cutting back on Sugars, red meats, and processed foods is a great way to start.
  5. Stretch your muscles: It goes without doubt that regular exercise is good for health, but numerous research has so far proved that exercise has a beneficial impact on aging. Just like muscle relaxants make your skin relaxed, stretching has the same effect on your body. The decision to have better posture when you stand, sit, or move would showoff youth and vitality, which would help you breathe better, and protect your spine, shoulders, and neck. How to start? Maybe simple strength training, a.k.a weight lifting or resistance training. You can use free weights and then gradually increase the degree of difficulty moving forward.

It doesn’t look like such a hard list to follow, does it? So let’s start cultivating habits that will promote physical and mental health, vitality, nourishment, and longevity. Irrespective of whether we get to treat ourselves with these anti-aging therapies, we can always make sure of investing in numerous positive changes in our actions and attitudes to recapture our youth!