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The debate still rages in 2020 – fake meat anyone?

It began with the alt-burgers. Meat eaters who constitute 70 per cent of those folks purchasing products from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, could not tell the “bleeding” patties they were biting were made out of plants. Even though it is possible to expect the hamburgers to continue to make headlines in 2020 (look for more fast-food chains leaping onboard), do not expect the all-meat dialogue to finish with beef. Consumers need variety in their plant-based proteins and brands are innovating in never-done-before tactics to satisfy with the demand.

Established vegan brands, such as Gardein, have changed their formulations to rely heavily on soy, and new brands, such as plant-based seafood firm Great Catch, are joining the fray.

Whether you wish to tip-toe to alt-chicken and fish with mixed products or move all-out with something 100-per cent vegan, there is no shortage of alternatives. When offered the choice of fish or poultry, the go-to answer of 2020 is guaranteed to be, “What is it made of?”