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Two health trends in 2020 to watch out for

A good deal of fitness trends have come and gone throughout the 2010s, some valuable and rewarding, and a few that should have never been something in the first place. The fantastic news is that a new decade is upon us, and it is already looking like it may be your healthiest and happiest year nonetheless.

As a result of the electronic fitness boom, you will have the ability to get a good workout from anywhere, not to mention the trendiest high-tech gear and wearables right at your fingertips. In addition to that, a change in focus is also occurring: Instead of merely working out to acquire a six-pack, the psychological benefits of exercise are equally important, if not more so, than the physical. Here are only two physical fitness trends you can expect to see anyplace in 2020, based on personal trainers.

You may have thought that HIIT couldn’t get any more extreme, but in 2020 it seems like it is going to take on a whole new meaning with micro-HIIT.

While a lot of people attempt to match a HIIT session to our busy schedules (the recommended time is 20-minutes of HIIT, three times per week), the benefits are extreme. The stem cells you have, the better you can induce super autophagy — it is a cycle.


Most of us have no idea if they are actually working. In 2020 though, we will see the growth of bespoke supplements. Money well spent? Only you can tell if you are deriving any benefit from spending your hard-earned money on any type of supplements.

We have already witnessed healthcare becoming far more private with fitness trackers, DNA testing kits and gut microbiota evaluation, and this is only going to continue.