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Pilates Instructor Course

How to Become a Pilates Instructor

Pilates is one of the most popular exercises and widely practiced in western countries. Becoming a Pilates instructor is not complicated, it simply requires some fundamental steps. For Instance, the first step in becoming the Pilates instructor is to attend a mat pilates or a pilates reformer class in order to learn Pilates movements and observe other teachers. One should ask many questions from their teacher and take guidance on how to achieve certification. Once you have learnt the foundations of Pilates instruction, there are further types of certificates to decide on. For Instance, a ‘mat pilates’ certificate prepares an individual to guide a team or class. However, a comprehensive certificate is different as it provides you with the ability to perform training with individuals or groups using specialised Pilates equipment. The most important thing for you to understand the nature of your own body, and to practice Pilates daily.  

Selecting a Pilates Certificate Program

The next step is to research and choose the Pilates certification program. There are several pilates instructor courses available for people in terms of classical and contemporary teaching styles. Based on the trends and health needs of people, the certificate can be selected. You can choose both certificates, classical and contemporary teaching styles, to facilitate multiple clients at the same time. The cost of mat certification is approximately $300, the price is determined by the different instruction level you wish to achieve. In order to become a Pilates expert, it may cost as much as $3000 – but this is if you wish to be a specialist. To complete your certification will take a few months. In the case of a comprehensive certificate, it can typically be achieved in one year. The programs are often quite flexible in terms of completion time, so that other life activities can also continue. Many people find they can complete the certification process whilst also doing a full-time job. The flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of this certification. The final steps involve some tests which you will have to pass than to get the certificate. In short, becoming a Pilates instructor is not complicated, however it does require dedication. 

There are several types of Pilates teaching styles. Some instructors and teachers are so comfortable and set on the original or classical style, however many instructors have modified it to integrate with multiple dynamic methods. Before going for any certification, you have to decide which method you prefer. The teaching style must be appealing to you, as it will help enhance your interactions with clients.

What Qualities are Required

Before studying Pilates, you need to understand there is a difference between a Pilates instructor and a Pilates teacher. For Instance, after becoming the Pilates instructor, you will be able to tell different exercise techniques, provide feedback, and enable people to do exercise safety. On the other hand, a teacher can understand the consequences of doing exercise. Body position and impact on muscle is critical in this exercise, and the teacher can play a crucial role in this regard. To become a competent pilates instructor some essential qualities must be kept in mind. For example you have to become a good observer, communicator, and motivator. Along with strong observations, the instructor must learn how to communicate and motivate clients. It is common for clients to face difficulties when achieving multiple pilates moves. Observation, communication, and motivation are critical elements to make a big difference.