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how to have a baby girl

What to do when you want to have a baby girl.

Whether your baby is going to end up as either a boy or a girl, having a healthy baby is always the most important factor when you first discover you are pregnant. Until you are asked during one of the prenatal visits if you want to know the gender, it is truly revealed which gender you prefer, as you catch yourself daydreaming of either pink tutus or little blue sneakers. 

If you desire a little baby girl, there are two main avenues for you; You can either choose to go through the gender selection process in Australia, or you can try to naturally influence teh gender you conceive.

If gender selection isn’t an option for you, and you have been wanting to know how to have a baby girl read on below to discover a little bit of science on how to naturally conceive a baby girl.

Intercourse Frequency

It’s just logic that the more you have sex with your partner, the higher the chance that you will get pregnant. But did you know that regular sex can increase your chances of having a female child by 50%? This is the result of the X and Y chromosomes, and how they are different. They are named X and Y because of how they look under the microscope. The ‘X’ chromosome kind of looks like having 4 legs as compared to the ‘Y’ with three. The ‘Y’ chromosome, which makes a male baby, travels faster than the ‘X’ chromosome. Because of that, the ‘Y’ chromosome becomes short-lived than the ‘X’ chromosome. It is more resilient in sustaining life even in an acidic environment. This maximizes its life and increases its ability to be able to swim longer in search of the ovum to fertilize. For best results, it’s important that you have sex every day from the day your period ends, to the date you are ovulating.

Intercourse Position

Taking into consideration the X and Y chromosome characteristics, the position during intercourse can also have an effect on the gender of the baby. Deep penetration is a no-no in trying to have a girl since this increases the speed of ‘Y’ chromosomes, shortening its journey towards the mature egg. So, in conceiving a girl, the missionary position is advised as this favors the ‘X’ chromosome-bearing sperms. The vaginal surface is acidic, therefore, compromising the ‘Y’ chromosomes since it barely survives an acidic environment. 


The acid-base imbalance in both of the parents’ bodily systems can have a great effect on conceiving a girl. In general sperm favors an alkaline environment, therefore it’s suggested that the future dad’s diet is to be switched to having more alkaline foods such as vegetables, milk, fruits, seafood, iodine-rich foods, tea, etc. For the future mummy’s, it’s important to use diet in order to create a body environment that will nurture the long-lasting sperm. This could be tricky since it’s advised to avoid alkaline foods instead of increasing acidic food intake. Examples of food that are rich in acid are chocolate, all kinds of meat, fish and dairy products except fresh milk, rice, flour, and vinegar.

Temperature down there.

In order for sperms to be in optimal health, it’s advised that the area is kept at 20 degrees C. For those who want to conceive in general, an occupation that prevents sperm from being kept at 20 degrees should be avoided. Drivers, pilots, anaesthesiologists, can often be exposed to a great range of high temperatures. Whether because of the engine they drive, the radiation from computer monitors, or the room they are in for maximum periods, this decreases sperm production, therefore reducing the chance of conceiving. Sperm count helps in your chances of conceiving a girl by 50%, so potentially you may consider a job change!

It’s important to remember that the most important thing is a healthy baby. So when you are planning to get pregnant, whether you wish for a boy or a girl, then you should consider your overall lifestyle, including stress levels, the time in terms of your ovulation, your overall healthy nutrition, and your weight.