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Eye makeup tricks for the over 40.

Enhancing somebody’s look is the ultimate reason why makeup exists. While skin colour, eye contour, and quality of products are major considerations before any maye up application, there seems to be an additional challenge as someone ages. The thing is, the eyes may be the windows to one’s soul, but they are also bound to reveal your age, with wrinkles and bags appearing as time goes on. That’s why at 40, cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery often achieve remarkable results and are definitely something to consider. In the meantime, it’s important to know how to use makeup properly. 

What ageing effects are you dealing with?

Let’s understand some inevitable physical changes that occur upon reaching this age, and some appropriate eye makeup tricks that could help you to counter these effects and enhance your eyes instead. 

It may be helpful to acknowledge the changes that are happening to your appearance. There may be hints of crow’s feet or the drooping eyelids. You may have shadows and darkness under the eye, which can be addressed with dermal fillers. You may have lost all baby fats by now causing a lot of shadowing that may make your cheeks look skeletal and emphasizing the darkness around your eyes. 

Choose a lighter approach

Don’t follow makeup hints from YouTubers as this may be too much for you. Makeup has the capacity to enhance what you already have. To achieve a younger look, it’s better if your make up is more laid back, natural, and playful. Instead of using a dark brown liner, opt for something one or two shades lighter. Brush it evenly with a brow liner brush as you fill it in with colour instead of doing it the usual like lining it up with the brow liner following the curve. This is to avoid it becoming too thick to look at, therefore, taking away that too-straight-of-a-face kind of look. Aim for a softer and smoother look.

The cleaner the palette, the smoother the application.

When you reach the age of 40, it is undeniable that the skin’s elasticity and suppleness around the eye area start to decline and that can make eyeliner application a little bit challenging. The eye shadow seems to put more weight on the eyes rather than giving it a lift, so it’s important to put a primer on first to smoothen the crease beforehand. You can also put a little bit of yellow-based foundation to correct dark circles. Choose lighter hues like mocha, nude palettes, and orange hues for your eyes. As much as you can, don’t apply too much concealer. It’s better to put on just enough to smoothen the surface.

The simpler, the better.

Too many highlights may just draw attention to your eyebags if you put too much highlighter on. Try a matte eye shadow instead of a glimmer one. Apply a streak only at the outer area of the eyelid for a cleaner finish. A hint of glimmer to tickle somebody’s sight of your smile is much better than a full spread that makes your eyelids look swollen, emphasizing your drooping eyelids. Another trick to enhance your eyes is an eyeliner. When you apply it on the entire lids, it will make the eyes look too sharp and too small, however if you just apply it minimally and just in the corners of the eye, the eyes pop out lively. 

Take care of your makeup and application tools.

Mascara should be wiped from the sides as you pull it out of the tube before application. This will free it from clumps, therefore, your eyelashes will not be clumpy and too heavy. Clumping mascara also tends to flake off and gets caught by the eyebags, if this happens it could add up to the dark circles under your eyes. Clean your eyelash curler also of excess mascara so that it won’t smudge the lids of the eyeliner when curling. When it comes to your brow liner pencils and eyeliners, sharpening them gives you an advantage on better application. If your eyebrow pencil is blunt it give you a crooked, jagged, or a fat smudgy finish. 

In terms of removing eye makeup, you can choose products that don’t require too much wiping off. It’s better to choose the ones which allow you to use a single facial cotton wipe, holding on the eye areas for a couple of minutes, and then removing the entire makeup from the eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and then the mascara, all in one go.

Invest in a good concealer, powder foundation, and nude palette so that you could practice the lighter looks and get familiar with the hues that work best for you. Hopefully these makeup techniques adjust your old way of applying makeup, and serve you well. Trust that a lighter makeup ‘look’ could make you appear younger than the makeup you used to wear.